What first attracted me to Animal Massage.

My household currently includes my mini-poodle, Amadeus, and four cats:  Max Trouble, Jolene, Clarabel, and Blue.

I first became interested in animal massage as Amadeus began to show signs of aging (he’s now 16!) and became blind.  It seemed that every few months he would have a period of severe pain in his right shoulder area.  His anxious yelps led to a trip to the vet’s office, which yielded only a reactive chemical-based approach:  pain medication.   The medicine helped his pain level, but left him disoriented and very sleepy.  So I continued looking, hoping for a solution that would provide both prevention and relief, and not dull his senses.

That’s when I learned about the real therapeutic benefit of massage for animals.  I decided to learn to do it right, so I enrolled in The Northwest School of Animal Massage, where I trained in both Maintenance and Performance Massage modalities, and became certified as a Small Animal Massage Practitioner.  I am also certified by the American Red Cross in both Dog and Cat First Aid; and I am a member of ABMP (Association of Bodywork & Massage Professionals).

And Amadeus has benefited!  Since I began focusing on keeping his shoulder and forelimb muscles limber I’ve not heard a single yelp of pain.  My massage program for Amadeus minimizes the ramifications of missteps and arthritic flare-ups.  And that makes us both feel great!